The stylish SAMOO bench meets your expectations with its distinct profile and classic frame. The combination of aluminium and wood induces an elegant appearance and provides absolute comfort; conforming to every room and its surroundings.


  • Dimensions (L × H × W):
    500 × 470 × 400 mm
    1000 × 470 × 400 mm
    1300 × 470 × 400 mm

    Other sizes, additives and options are available upon request. The list of options and additives is not exhaustive. Just let us know your wishes and ideas.

    The characteristics of the logs, including structural or colour differences, can vary. This will additionally be influenced by the particular cut of the trunk (sapwood or heartwood).


  • Single ventilated wire shelf for shoe rack made of stainless steel
  • Wooden slats (Douglas fir),
    total height +25 mm
  • Wooden slats (ash/chestnut),
    total height +25 mm
  • Wooden slats (oak), total height +25 mm

22 Standard colours to choose from in the SAMOO colour chart

We would gladly accept any individual colour requests.

We offer personal consultation for individual requests – please do not hesitate to contact us: +41 62 388 42 62

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