Functional shelves are the be-all and end-all of a good bathroom design; not always do they need to be hidden behind cabinet doors. Upon request, we can manufacture your mirror cabinet with an open compartment across half or the entire length.


  • Standard size:
    Width/Length: 400 mm - 1800 mm
    Height: 760 mm
    Depth: 120 mm or 150 mm
    (Lengths from 1800 mm to 3000 mm and further size adjustments available on request)
  • LED Lighting: 4000K (cold white) or 3250K (warm white) IP24
  • Socket in mirror cabinet (position selectable)
  • Aluminium shelves in housing colour

We would gladly accept any personalised custom requests.


  • Light Dimmer
  • Additional sockets
  • Glass and metal shelves possible
  • Magnetic rear wall (with magnetic part kits, half and entire length shelves, soap box, accessories box, toothbrush holder)

We would gladly accept any individual colour requests.

Installation Options

  • Built-in / Semi Built-in

Compartments with a Tilt

Tilted compartments offer ideal storage space for larger objects, including hair dryers and other bathroom accessories. Upon request, additional sockets can be added.

SAMOO mirror cabinets are invariably a reflection of their keeper.

Additional Sockets

Do you need additional sockets? No problem. On request, further sockets can be integrated into your mirror cabinet.

Light Dimmer

Energy efficient LED fluorescent tubes not only produce a pleasant light but can also be dimmed to suit your present desires, with any of the four styles: direct or indirect strips, and frame or circumferential illumination.

Glass Shelves

The sophisticated glass shelves place products and bathroom objects in the forefront.

Magnetic Rear Wall

With a magnetic rear wall and a modular-based organisation, the interior of the mirror cabinet should be just as slick as the exterior. Design your cabinet according to your needs.

Built-In/ Semi Built-In

The mirror cabinet’s body is completely consumed by the wall, blending in elegantly and subtly reflecting its surroundings. Alternatively, a partially built-in version is also an option.

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